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Details on the computing solutions I provide

Computing Solutions - FAQs

Here you will find a list of Computing Solutions frequently asked questions (FAQs) and valuable
information, drawn from those asked by, and experiences with my Clients.
How much experience have you had in the I.T. Industry?

I have 25 years in Information Technology, in Federal, State and Local Government organisations.

I started off as a Computer Operator and moved into Small Systems Development, Change Management, Production Support, Internet Service Provisioning and Ecommerce.

That is just my professional career path.

If that is not enough, I have had personal computers since the Windows 3.11 Operating System (many of you would not have even heard of that) and have spent (literally) millions of hours with thousands of different software packages and applications

I have had bad service, what makes you any different?

Oh, how I SO dislike hearing that people have experienced bad service!

There is NOTHING worse!

I am absolutely passionate about delivering an "excellent customer service experience" and, in fact, have won numerous awards in recognition of my commitment to customer service.

Click on the My Clients - Testimonials link (at the top of this page) and read what some of my very satisfied Clients have to say.

What do you charge?

My rate is $60.00 per hour, including travel time, rounded up to the nearest half hour.

More details are available by clicking on the Computing Solutions - Costs link.
Will you turn up when you say you will?


Unless of course unforeseen circumstances get in the way.

It is part of my passion for, and commitment to, the delivery of excellent customer service.

There is nothing worse than staying around, waiting for someone that is late, or worse, doesn't even show up.

If unforeseen circumstances prevent me from meeting a client's appointment then I will certainly contact them to explain why and rearrange an alternative time.

Do you source the hardware and software?
Yes I do!

I have a long standing arrangement with a business partner and can organise pickup and installation.

Choosing which equipment is right/necessary for your needs can be a confusing process,

I will discuss your needs and recommend and provide the right products.
I am no "Techo" - will I understand you?

I am not here to impress or blind you with a load of technical terms, concepts and jargon.

I will talk to you in YOUR language in concepts that YOU will understand and will carefully and patiently explain anything that is necessary or otherwise answer any questions that you may have.

Oops - I've done something wrong - what should I do?

Firstly, don’t panic.

Next, do NOT “keep trying something else”, this can compound the problem further.

Make notes of exactly what you were doing, what went wrong and any messages that come up on your computer even if you don’t understand them.

Then contact me and I will endeavour to address the issue/s.

I have software on my computer that I did not install?

Many software applications prompt you for updates.

This is quite normal as these software companies update and improve their software.

BUT, there is a growing (and very annoying) trend for some companies to “piggy back” other software during the installation.

These are seen as “Install....(software)” and are ticked by default, if you do not un-tick these, the third party software is installed.

Adobe is one such software company that does this with their updates.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with their software, I just do not believe that such practices should occur.

My browser has changed? Why?

Again, as in my response to you having software on your computer that you did not install, it is likely that you have installed updated software and that installation process has not only installed the alternative browser, but also made it your (new) default one.

Be wary of removing Chrome (Google’s Browser offering), perform this incorrectly and you could have problems opening up links in your Microsoft Applications.

Which Internet Service Provider should I use?

At the end of the day, that is up to you.

But, without any gain from that party, I recommend and use Westnet and have done so for years.

Their service is excellent, and they have deservedly taken out the best ISP award for many years running.

How do I clean my keyboard safely?

One thing you should NOT do, is clean your keyboard when your computer is on.

This can lead to all sorts of problems as your computer accepts action and configuration commands in rapid succession as you run your dusting cloth across the keyboard and function keys.

Always make sure you turn off your computer first, THEN clean your keyboard.

My keyboard / mouse has stopped working?

If it is a cordless one, then it may be simply a case of replacing the batteries.

If it is hard wired to your computer, then check the connection.

Otherwise, try a full reboot of your computer.
Wired or wireless Network?

Again, that is up to you.

There are pros and cons for each.

Unless your premises is smart wired, it can be a pain and messy to run cables.

But, a closed (wired) network will always (generally speaking) be more secure.

If you do run a wireless network, then make sure that it is correctly configured for maximum security and protection!

Should I install updates?

The answer to this is yes, no and maybe.

The newer your operating system and software is, the more frequently you will be prompted to install updates.

There are three types and three categories:


1) Important Updates - these offer significant benefits, such as improved security, privacy, and reliability. They should be installed as they become available.

2) Recommended Updates - address non-critical problems or help enhance your computing experience. While these updates do not address fundamental issues with your computer or Windows software, they can offer meaningful improvements.

3) Optional Updates - these can include updates, drivers, or new software from Microsoft to enhance your computing experience.


Depending on the type of update, Windows will deliver one of the following:

1) Security Updates - A broadly released fix for a product-specific security-related vulnerability. Security vulnerabilities are rated based on their severity, which is indicated in the Microsoft security bulletin as critical, important, moderate, or low.

2) Critical Updates - A broadly released fix for a specific problem addressing a critical, non-security related bug or issue.

3) Service Packs - A tested, cumulative set of hot fixes, security updates, critical updates, and other updates, as well as additional fixes for problems found internally since the release of the product. Service Packs might also contain a limited number of customer-requested design changes or features.

You should aim to install all but the unnecessary updates as often as possible.

IMPORTANT: Check installation windows carefully, before clickong on them and ensure there is no "piggy backed" unwanted software that is ticked. If so, untick them!
I have just had a call from a Microsoft Technician?

Someone from overseas telephones you and tells you that they are from Microsoft and they have assessed your computer and it is running slow or has viruses and can they have remote access (you have to usually grant this when prompted) and they will fix everything for free.

No they will NOT!

Usually, they will install software that will make your computer run much worse and (here is the scam) you will be told you have to purchase special software at a discount price.

If you think about it, do you really think Microsoft have the time or inclination to check billions of computers across the globe, then phone someone to fix it for free?

I don’t think so.

Should I grant someone access to my computer?


Not unless you know who they are and trust them.

But even if they say they are representing your ISP, make sure that this was a call back on a problem that you logged, and ask them about the history of the issue and also ask them to quote your ISPs ticket or job number.

If in any doubt, ask them for their name and telephone number and ring them back first, it is essential that you establish that they are legitimate.

Do you repair computers?

No, sorry.

To keep costs down, I run my business from home, so it is not practical to hold or order in parts.

I'm happy to recommend someone that can however.

My computer is running slow?
Short question, long answer!

This can be caused by a whole host of reasons.

1 - Your computer may be rebooting and installing updates. Let the process complete.

2 - You have installed conflicting virus protection software.

3 - You have contracted a virus or some other malware.

4 - You are running software or a process that your computer cannot cope with.

5 - You have installed devices that are in conflict with each other.

There are many other causes.

My computer has shut down?

Computers usually shut down for a reason.

The number one most likely cause is overheating. This can be due to clogged/dusty air intake vents, blocked fans and general dust inside the computer tower.

Get your computer professionally cleaned and checked.

If your computer does not restart after a period, there could be more serious issues - even a failed CPU chip.

If you have a question that is not addressed here please feel free to contact me by telephone,
email, or using the sites contact form.
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