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My Clients - Portfolio

Colin Molloy Website Designs and Computing Solutions provide a vast array of Computing Solutions. I've assisted many
appreciative Clients, from individuals to businesses.


The Client was so happy with the result and my commitment to detail and organisation that they asked if I could assess their whole existing I.T. installation.
Listed below is one example of a large solution delivery, and two (of many more) case studies on smaller solution requirements, in the case of the latter, out of professional courtesy, the Client's name has not been divulged.
I had successfully completed the design, coding and hosting of the Client's website, together with configuration of their domain driven email accounts.
In addition, third party accounting software was updated and integrated, together with migration of the financial data file. The whole package was configured, updated and tested offsite and a seamless cutover effected over one weekend.
Aging computers expected to undertake resource hungry Computer Aided Design (C.A.D) tasks were struggling and response times was well below par.
New Personal Computers with a far superior specification were ordered and installed, along with updated Operating System (XP to W7), updated MS Office (2003 to 2010), a replacement W7 compatible Multi Function Device (M.F.D), updated drivers for two other devices and migration of all data and emails.
As a professional precaution, I allocated a whole Monday to the Client, just in case any unforseen circumstances arose. After exhaustive testing against a carefully compiled list of procedures and expected outcomes I was very confident of a trouble free cutover, and careful planning and an exhaustive eye and drive for detail paid off.  
The only "problem" that occurred was the very greatful Client getting used to the response speed of their new desktop computers! Read their testimonial.

CASE STUDY 2 - New Laptop - MS Office / Internet / Email Accounts

The Client had purchased a new laptop with Windows 7 operating system installed and wanted MS Office 2010 (Home and Business) installed, their ADSL Internet connection (through a new wireless Router) and their email accounts configured in MS Outlook.
Not being computer confident, the Client sought my professional assistance.
For Colin Molloy Website Designs and Computing Solutions, this was a very straight forward installation and configuration exercise.
I also removed the "bloatware" (third party trailware applications) and installed a free Anti Virus and Anti Malaware.

CASE STUDY 3 - Unwanted Software Installation

That this issue exists really anoys me, and, undersandably, catches a lot of people off guard!
Computers, and all the software that is installed, combined with the exponential developments of that software, necessitates updates.
However, there is a growing trend for otherwise legitimate software providers to allow other software providers to "piggy back" other software as part of their installation process.
Two of the greatest offenders of this (and there are plenty more) are Adobe and Oracle (through their Java software).
Both often have other software checked (ticked) to install by default AND when the installation is finished recommend that future updates be installed automatically - giving them free reign to install whatever they like in future!
A number of Clients have used my services to either uninstall unwanted second Antivirus software (like McAfee) - never a good idea to run two Antiviruses OR fix inoperative HTML links in MS Office applications because an unwanted browser that was installed as the Client's default browser has been uninstalled by the Client before they revert (correct) their default browser sessions. Never set these updates to automatic update and ALWAYS carefully check what you are installing!
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