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My Clients - Introduction

As you might expect, most of my clients come from my geographical
location - within the Shire of Plantagenet or Albany, the major regional
city within the Great Southern Region.

My Client Portfolio

My Client Testimonials

But this does not have to be the case.
Trademark Graphics, a Perth based client I delivered an enhanced and
updated website for, is a perfect example.
Whilst the delivery of onsite computing solutions usually has geographical
constraints, the delivery of a new or enhanced website does not.
In fact a considerable percentage of Website designers are miles away
from their Client, sometimes even interstate or even overseas.
With the use of a telephone and a broad band internet service, there is
absolutely no reason to discount or miss out on the benefiting from my
proven professional services and end product.
You will find my competitive rates very attractive.
You will always be guaranteed excellent service, stringent project
management and the delivery of an excellent product that I know you will
be as happy as all my other very satisfied clients.
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