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Take your Complete Management to the next level - monitored SPAM EXPERT junk mail filter, Monthly Website Report and measure your Marketing Campaigns and Website strategies!,

Monitored Spam Expert Filter

SPAM EXPERT is a multi-award winning software suite that intelligently filters and blocks unwanted emails before you even receive them.
SPAM EXPERT is a mail server resident option offered to Premium Management clients that blocks most unwanted emails.
SPAM EXPERT IS MONITORED on a daily basis and trained to release (white list) any legitimate emails that trigger the filtering.
SPAM EXPERT MONITORING also includes a daily blocking service where any unwanted emails received by a Premium Management client are blocked upon request by the client. This blocking service can be configured at the email or domain name level (except for generic email addresses) to ensure Spammers that simply change their email address from (say) tom@unwantedemail.com to john@unwantedemail.com remain blocked.
SPAM EXPERT SAVES TIME AND PROVIDES SECURITY by filtering unwanted emails so you don't have to delete these across multiple devices and reduces the risk of receiving bogus emails that may contain viruses, phished IDs, malware or ransomware.
SPAM EXPERT REPORT Your monthly website report can also include spam statistics.

Monthly Website Report

BUSINESS ASSESSMENT - Your website is a vital and integral part of your business. It is your essential and expected 24 x 7 online presence. For that reason it should be subject to the same ongoing measuring and assessment as the rest of your business - only a monthly report can achieve that.
MEASURE YOUR MARKETING - Print marketing is expensive and takes an investment of time as does online promotions. With a monthly report you can receive vital day by day statistics that measures the effectiveness of your investment. Direct your target to your website to find out what works and what doesn't.
TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS - Using Google Analytics as a website data capture mechanism I can tailor a report that provides vital visitation statistics, to provide solid measurement information of a general or marketing campaign/initiative nature. This can include how many potential clients visited your website, what pages they visited, what key words were used to find your website, what devices were used and more. The options are virtually endless.
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