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Professional Website Design - FAQs
Here you will find a list of Website frequently asked questions (FAQs) and valuable information,
drawn from those asked by, and experiences with my Clients.
I have bought a business with a website - what should I do?
This is quite lengthy, and, sorry, it needs to be – but I think it is worthwhile reading


When it comes to your (important and vital) website internet presence, one of the most unknown (and therefore overlooked) item when purchasing or transferring a business is how your domain name (the bit after the www. In your web address) is registered.

The registration and currency of that information is of paramount importance when it comes to transferring management of your domain name and/or management and/or hosting of your important website.

The visible details on your domain name can be viewed in any browser by conducting what is called a ‘who is’ – a lookup of your domain details. There are many websites that provide this online service.

One such site is AUS registry

By all means, go there now, enter your domain name WITHOUT THE WWW - so mine would be, type in the captcha code and click on the submit button

If you have entered the domain name and captcha code correctly, you will be presented with registration and authoritative information in regards to your domain name.

OK, doesn’t make much sense to you and what the hell does it all mean?

A very fair question!

Let me explain by explaining the roles of each party and some short helpful notes:

1. DOMAIN NAME - Your domain name.

2. LAST MODIFIED - The date and time an authorised person (one who has your domain name password and browser console access) updated the information.

3. REGISTRAR ID /REGISTRAR - The business entity (usually an Internet Service Provider, Website Hosting Company etc) that is authorised by AUDA (.AU DOMAIN ADMINISTRATION LTD - is the policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for the .au domain space) as a 2LD (second level) to register domains on behalf of someone or commercial entity that requires their domain name registering.

4. STATUS - OK indicates that the domain name is current.

5. REGISTRANT - This is (should be) the owner of the domain - the name MUST be the name that the sole trader, partnership, company, discretionary trust etc is registered in, as shown against their ACN/ABN. It cannot be the trading name.

6. REGISTRANT ID - The Registrant’s registered business number.

7. REGISTRANT CONTACT ID - A unique number (sometime called a NIC-Handle) allocated by the 2LD Registrar.

8. REGISTRANT CONTACT NAME / EMAIL ADDRESS - The authorised party to contact regarding the domain. This can be yourself, or in my managed customers’ case, me. It does not have to be the owner of the domain name and placing the name into a registrant that is not the owner in no way usurps the ownership of the domain name. The vast majority of Clients do not have my considerable domain name and other I.T. / Internet / Website Hosting / Website Development experience - so they are more than happy for me to be the REGISTRANT and manage things for them. They know they can trust me!

9. TECHNICAL CONTACT ID / TECHNICAL CONTACT NAME / TECHNICAL CONTACT EMAIL / - as for 8 above - if the REGISTRANT is someone like me that manages the Client, then it is usually the same as what appears in the REGISTRANT details.

One more term not in the domain display:

RESELLER - Someone that acts on behalf of a 2LD (second level) Registrar and sells the product on behalf of that 2LD - I’m one for Netregistry.


So what happens if I don’t make sure details are updated?

Well, you could find that transferring your domain, or upgrading your website can turn into an absolute nightmare!

Not all Registrars are easy to deal with. I’ve just found a website Client’s domain remains registered under the previous owner who cannot be contacted, his company is no longer registered and, to make matters worse, the domain is managed by a Reseller who cannot be contacted!

Two things saved my Client from a LOT of grief!

1. Both the Registrant and Tech Contact email details had been updated.

2. The company that I resell for had access to the domain.

This enabled me to gain access to the domain name password and undertake a domain name move as a prelude to setting up the Client’s new and vastly improved website.

I hope the above is some of assistance – I’m always available through my website and am more than happy to answer any questions!
What does a website cost?

Without wishing to be facetious, this is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string?

Websites can take many forms, from a basic three page one, to a complex ecommerce site selling a large range of goods.

Click on the COSTS link at the top of the page, this will give you some insight.

When do I pay you?

Once you have accepted my quotation and given the go ahead, 50% is payable on project commencement, 25% on substantial completion and the balance prior to delivery (go live) of your site.

However, if your finances are tight, I am more than happy to enter into a weekly payment plan that will ease the outlay!
Is professional web hosting expensive?


But you get what you pay for!

There are a LOT of (so called) cheap International providers, but their platform stability and service availability is not what I would recommend to my valued clients.

I offer plans that are tailored to your needs that start off as low as $100.00 per year.

Are there any hidden costs?

The short answer is no!

Providing we are honest with each other and we agree on delivery and expectation.

That's why I carefully go through everything with you at our initial consulatation meeting, so we have a common understanding and expectation on what will be delivered and charged for.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a unique address on the web.

Just like the address for your home or business.

Without that unique property address, your mail would never be correctly addressed to you and received.

It is the same for your website. There is a complex technical process behind web site addressing and domain names.

But you don't need to worry about that with my Complete Website Management service - I do all of that for you!

What is web hosting?

Like your house or business, your website needs a piece of real estate to be located on when built.

This “real estate” is called a web server.

The server is a storage device, just like your own hard drive, but it “services” requests for content on that device.

Those requests are for web sites hosted (stored) on the server. Hence the name web server.

I have a range of Web Hosting products that will be tailored to your requirements.
Is setting up a website hard?

In short, no.

Not if you enlist the services of a professional web designer and developer.

That is why I am here.

Make no mistake, there is quite a lot behind the designing, coding and publishing of a website.

If you enlist my services you will not have to worry about that.

I will take care of it all for you!

Don't domain names cost the earth?

Not at all.

A domain name which ALL Australian business should use, costs a very low $20.00 per annum (payable in two yearly blocks).

I can also provide other domain extensions.
Should I have my own domain name?


Some individuals and even commercial entities have their domain name provided free by their Internet Service Provider or a "free" Web Host.

There is no such thing as a "Free Host" they provide you with that web space so they can sell advertising on your website.

Having your own domain name is a vital contributor to your professional presence on the Internet.

Using someone elses, for example www.yourisp/yourbusinessname, simply does not look professional.

Can I obtain email addresses?


Far too many businesses do not realise how important an email address derived from their domain name is!

It is imperative that your email address reflects and is derived from your domain name.

When you enlist my professional services, your email addresses are included in your web hosting product.

Can you recommend someone to host my website?

Yes I can!

I use an AUSTRALIAN upstream wholesale provider that has an excellent reputation for platform stability, features and reasonable prices.

I buy my Client web space in bulk, meaning I can offer you substantial discounts on the equivalent retail product.

How long will my website take?

The timescale is often determined by the client and various factors.

Obviously, an extensive and more complex site will take longer than a simple one.

The most common delay website developers experience is waiting for content from the client.

If you need a small website and are willing to supply required content expediently, your website could be ready within as little as two weeks!

Will we need to have a meeting?

I will always encourage local clients to convene at least one face to face meeting.

However, there is no reason why your website cannot be completed via emails and telephone discussions.

You will be able to view your proposed website via the web at a special address known only to us.

How many pages and images can I have?

As many as you like.

But do not make your site too big, and remember, size and content of a site may play as a factor in the final cost.

If you have a strict budget, then you can always add to your site later.

Also, do not try and get everything absolutely covered first time round, otherwise your site delievery will delayed and you will become frustrated.

What is Facebook OG?
OG stands for Open Graph, basically, this means that if someone types your website addresss in Facebook, special code that I add to your website will ensure that a predetermined image is displayed.

Without this, Facebook will select any random image from your Website's Home (main Index) Page.

Fine if you are typing your website addresss in Facebook (you can delete the random image and substitute a better one).

But what if someone ELSE types your website address in?

The result can be VERY undesirable!

How should I suppy my images to you?
If you are local, then you can drop off, or I can pick up a thumb drive, or I can call in and download the images to a portable external hard drive.

Or you can use WeTransfer* - an easy and free image transfer service.

Not Local - no problem - use the WeTransfer* service.

(* Google WeTransfer for information on this service).

You CAN use emails, but this should only be for small numbers of images. Images should be at least 1000 pixels in width (unless you are supplying background images) and a minimum of 300 dpi resolution. So more than three or so images should not be emailed - use the alternatives mentioned above.

If there are going to be a lot of images on your site, then the best way is to put them on a disk or thumb drive, or I can simply visit you and copy them onto an external hard drive.

Otherwise you can simply email them to me.

How should I supply downloadable documents?

The accepted format for documents to be downloaded from a website is as an Adobe PDF.

This is what visitors expect and this format protects the original content of the document.

If you are confident that the text is exactly what you want, then supplying the document as a PDF is the most efficient method as it saves me valuable time.

However, if you need me to review the document, then you should supply it in MS Word (.doc or .docx) format.

What after sales service do you offer?

As a valued client, support will only be a telephone call or an email away should you require any changes or enhancements or even a complete redesign.

Minor changes can usually be made quickly and at very reasonable rates or even free!

I pride myself on never supplying anything less than an excellent customer service experience and, to state the obvious, I want to keep your business!

Can you guarantee my website availability?

To be absolutely honest, no one can guarantee the availability of your website 100% of the time.

But I assure you, that the upstream service I use has an excellent reputation for reliability.

I am that confident of them that I host this site with the same service!

How do I update my website?

I will do it for you!

Websites are (should be!) a dynamic representation of a business and reflect changes, new products, important events or any other content.

In fact, if it is a very simple, single change, like a telephone number etc, I will do it for free!

Content changes are charged at only $60.00 per hour!

Since I have designed and coded your website the changes will be super fast and very economical.

Can you fully manage my website?


In fact I encourage it!

I will look after everything. From the initial launch of your site, to changes and enhancements and right through to a complete update of your website.

That way, you can focus on your core day to day business and know that you will have a solid, reliable and inexpensive web site manager only a phone call or email away.

Can you update or modify an existing website?

In short, yes.

But to do this, I would need to rebuild your site.

It is far faster and much cleaner if I reconstruct your website.

Also, in many cases, especially old websites or "hand-made" ones are poorly and inefficiently coded, designed and laid out and do not deploy modern technologies and best image handling practice, along with a whole range of other issues.

Replication of your existing site and migration to a new host costs as little as $700.00!

Will I be tied to your for website maintenance?


After final payment and handover of your website you are under no obligation.

The site is yours to do as you wish.

However, I will always endeavour to satisfy your requirements and build and sustain a great working relationship.

On top of that, no one will know your website like me and I doubt they will be able to match my very reasonable rates!

Who owns my website?

You do!

Once paid for and delivered.

I am surprised how many Website Design companies "hang on" to YOUR code.

More than one client has been "tied up" by so called professional companies that refuse to release the source code in the misguided belief they can "force" the client to stay with them.

That is NOT how I do business!

Do I get the source code?


Upon your request, all source code, including external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), other program files and images are forwarded to you on receipt of your final payment.

Frankly, I do NOT hold in high regard, any (so called) Website Design company that maintains ownership of the Client's website code as a means of tying them in to further updates.

Will my website be search engine friendly?

The code and supporting objects that goes into your website is search engine friendly.

Professional website developers subscribe to information on changes to the complex algorithm that ensures all of the content within your websites observes and maximises those changes.

Can I obtain information on who visits my website?


Your delivered website contains code that links into Google Analytics.

This is a very powerful Information Management System (I.M.S) and Marketing Analysis Tool (M.A.T).

I provided this absolutely free of charge and you do not have to install any software.

I even provide training on how to use this invaluable tool.

If you have a question that is not addressed here please feel free to contact me.
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